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Other Services

Community Matters provides an array of services related to - and in support of - the Safe School Ambassadors program. Some of these include:

Trainings for Staff that are often designed to help school staff members:

  • strengthen their working relationships with young people,
  • notice more of the subtle mistreatment and bullying that occurs in their midst,
  • develop more effective responses to that mistreatment, and
  • improve their own cohesion and communication skills.

Trainings for Parents are designed for parents Safe School Ambassadors or for all parents, and help participants

  • strengthen their communication skills and build stronger relationships with children;
  • notice the subtle forms of mistreatment and bullying that occur in children’s lives, and understand the impact these have on child development;
  • develop skills for intervening effectively when they notice mistreatment taking place.

Presentations to community, District, County, or State-level groups working to improve student behavior, school safety, and school climate.

Keynotes and Workshops offered at state, regional, and national conferences of educators, administrators, school safety professionals, school board members, and others.

Topics for presentations, keynotes, workshops, and trainings might include:

  • Students as First Responders - strategies for engaging, empowering, and equipping youth to improve school climate
  • Ten Keys Safer Schools - outlines the parts of a comprehensive approach to school safety planning based on youth development principles; can be conducted as a strategic planning session for schools and or districts
  • Relational Skills Training - helping Campus Supervisors, School Resource Officers and other law enforcement or security personnel who have contact with youth develop the skills to build effective working relationships with them

Others topics are always in development, and we frequently create sessions to meet a specific need, so if you have an idea or need, please contact us.


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