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Materials Supplied

The Safe School Ambassadors program includes a comprehensive set of materials to support students and adults in carrying out the roles shown on the Organization Chart & Roles.

Program Advisor(s)

Program Advisor's Handbook: 100+ pages to guide organizers through all aspects of implementing the SSA program. It includes:
  • Training Preparation Checklist - outlines the specific steps required to prepare for the 2-day training that launches the program
  • Staff Orientation Outline, SSA Program Overview, and other materials to build staff understanding and support
  • Recruiting/Selecting Family Group Facilitators - guidelines & worksheet
  • Recruiting/Selecting Students - Ambassador profile, recruiting worksheet, staff and peer nomination forms, Student Orientation Outline, sample student application & notification letters
  • Forms for data collection and record keeping
  • Plus Chapters on:
    • Community Relations
      Supervision & Support
      Recognition & Celebration

Family Group Facilitators

Adults are responsible for leading the "Family Groups" that provide ongoing support and supervision for Ambassadors. In post-training debriefing and planning meetings, these adults receive the following materials:

    A. Family Group Facilitator's Guide, over 30 pages on facilitating FG meetings effectively, including an agenda template, activities, and debrief questions

    B. Forms, including: Attendance Record, Meeting Record, Action Log and Action Log Summary Worksheet


During the training, Ambassadors receive a Workbook of materials that help them understand their role and develop the skills necessary to perform it successfully:

    A. Program Overview & Ambassador Job Description

    B. Explanation of each Ambassador Action (skill), plus worksheets for Review, Training Journal, Referral Network, and Getting Help

    C. Forms, including an Action Log and Code of Conduct


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