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Training & Services

We provide the knowledge, tools, and experiences to launch and sustain a Safe School Ambassadors program at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Trainings are skill-based and experiential. They engage both youth and adult participants in a productive exploration of core issues, creating a rationale and motivation to take action. Participants develop powerful non-violent communication and intervention skills through realistic simulations and role-plays.

"I learned that I could do something about things that bothered me before."

--Safe School Ambassador, Oakdale Junior HS, California

To help ensure smooth program implementation and long-term sustainability, our post-training technical assistance includes live support by phone & email, newsletters, and web-based resources.

Please inquire about options for multi-site and district-wide implementation.

We provide:

    Initial SSA Training and Program Support – to launch the Safe School Ambassadors program at a school site.  It includes two days of skills-based training for 30-40 students and the 6-8 adults who will work with them. It also includes ongoing coaching for Program Advisors to support program implementation and sustainability, as well as guidebooks for Ambassadors and adults, data collection tools and other resources.

    Refresher Training – a one-day training for current Ambassadors (who participated in the 2-day initial training and have several months of experience as Ambassadors) and adults. The Refresher helps them sharpen skills, deepen commitment and assess programs strengths and weaknesses.

    Expansion Training and Support – a two-day training to add new Ambassadors and adults to the program. Like the initial training it covers: types of mistreatment; Ambassador job and intervention skills; keys to sustaining the program.

    Expansion Combo Training – Like the Expansion above, this two-day training adds new Ambassadors and adults to the program. In addition, it brings in the previously trained, experienced Ambassadors and adults for a combined training experience of approximately three hours on the second half of Day Two.

    Training of Trainers – this training equips a small team of site and/or district staff with the knowledge and tools to conduct Refresher and Expansion trainings at schools that have already launched the SSA program via an Initial Training conducted by Community Matters. It is an option for districts or schools with at least two years of experience running the SSA program, whose principals demonstrate strong commitment to the program, and who have a cadre of dynamic trainers at the site and/or district level who would commit to conducting Expansion and Refresher trainings.

    Other Services including presentations, keynotes, and trainings for staff, parents, and others.

If you are interested in arranging a training for your school, please contact us. No obligation.


"The most effective training I've seen. The trainer opened up a new world where we have the power to change it."

--Safe School Ambassador, Hillsborough High School, Florida

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