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Climate Survey

Climate Survey: What & Why?

A Climate Survey allows you to probe into the social-emotional climate that is typically visible only to students. It can yield information about:

  • what kinds of mistreatment are common; how students really do treat one another
  • how often those different kinds of mistreatment happen
  • where they happen
  • when they happen

It goes beyond “bullying” to gain information about exclusion, put-downs, relational aggression, rumors and gossip, as well as threats, fights and weapons on campus. It includes questions about how students feel about reporting information (e.g. about bullying or fights or weapons) to adults, and how they feel about other students who make those reports. It also asks about how comfortable they are hanging out with peers who are different, and wrong they and their peers think certain behaviors are.

This survey has 12 questions and a total of 82 response items. It is suitable for grades 4-12 and is designed to be given anonymously to ensure maximum validity. The download includes the survey itself, as well as complete instructions for the:

  • survey administrator (including how to choose which students should complete the survey)
  • teachers or other staff who administer the survey to students
  • the students taking the survey.

All these can be photocopied for use at your school site. There is no charge for using the survey in this way.

Survey Results

Once the surveys are completed, you have several options for getting the raw data transformed into useful information:

Option 1: you (your school or district) can tally the surveys and prepare whatever reports you find useful. You might also choose to have this done through a local college or university, or through a professional evaluator.

Option 2: you can contract with Transforming Local Communities (TLC) for tabulation and analysis of your surveys. TLC is a professional evaluation firm working in partnership with Community Matters to support the Safe School Ambassadors program. TLC would provide you with a summary report that includes numerical data, analysis, and recommendations. There is an additional charge for this option. Learn more about Survey Analysis Services.

Obtain the Survey

To access the survey master and instructions, please complete the brief registration form below.

Privacy Policy: Community Matters does not share your personal or school information with any outside organizations or individuals. We collect it in order to know where the Surveys are being used, and to be able to contact you to support you in the process of reducing mistreatment and improving the climate of your school.

Registration Form

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Percent of students eligible for free/reduced price meals: %


Briefly describe the issues, challenges, or problems that your school faces in the areas of bullying, student mistreatment, discipline, violence, and school climate. In other words, why do you want to use this survey?

What does your school currently do to address bullying and other forms of mistreatment (e.g. policies, curricula, programs)?

Analyzing the Results of your Climate Survey
As noted above at Option 1, you are free to do your own tallying and analysis of the Climate Survey. Under Option 2, TLC can also provide this service to you. If you would like more details about their services and associated costs, please see our Survey Analysis Services page.


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