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About Safe School Ambassadors: Overview

Far too many students experience a school climate where recreational cruelty is the norm, and bullying is seen as a rite of passage. More about the problem.

How can these students learn, grow, and excel . . . when they fear being: teased, insulted, or left out or harassed, intimidated, or assaulted or worse? More about the cost.

Increased supervision, tougher rules, and other "Outside - In" strategies can't solve this problem and make students feel safe. Although the rules made by adults prohibit such behavior, the norms made by students too often encourage it. Changing the norms, the behaviors, and the climate requires students. But not just any students. More about what works.

Students with the awareness to notice cruelty and violence.
Students with the skills to intervene with their friends to prevent or stop it.
Students with the courage to give voice to their values.
We call them Ambassadors. Safe School Ambassadors. More about the program model.

"And we realized that it's not our job to go and snitch to teachers. It's our job to step in there and make it better, for our own good, and for the good of our friends and even for the kids we don't even know." Rachel Beardsley, Safe School Ambassador, Rancho Cotate High School, California.

Thousands of Safe School Ambassadors are improving the climate of schools coast to coast. What if they were at work on your campus? ... 30-40 pairs of eyes and ears... traveling the halls, lunch area, and yard... noticing pain and intervening before it escalates to rage and revenge. More about ambassadors' impact.

Download a 2-page Program Overview PDF Document


"These Ambassadors have an enhanced ability to recognize, analyze, and intervene in bullying situations. I seek them out to help me process situations in our school. They are an unbelievable resource."

--Christian Kingsbury, Principal, Basalt Middle School, Colorado

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