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About SSA: Organization Chart & Roles

Safe School Ambassadors
Begin with 30-40, in Family Groups of 7-9 students each. Can increase each year as capacity (number of Family Group Facilitators) grows.

Family Group Facilitators
varies with number of SSA's in program

Program Advisors
1 or 2 people

Administrator In Charge

The circles show roles, not people. The person(s) in each role are responsible to, and are supported by, the person(s) in the next lower role on the chart. One person may fill two or more roles, for example: Program Advisors may also serve as Family Group Facilitators; the Administrator In Charge may also be one of the Program Advisors. While not intended to be hierarchical, this structure makes responsibilities clear and helps tie the program into the existing school organization structure.

Role Profile Summary of Responsibilities Training Required
Safe School Ambassador
Opinion leaders representing the diverse age, interest, ethnic, and social groups in the school. Attend initial and follow-up trainings
Notice acts of cruelty and potential violence
Use skills and social standing to intervene with peers, and provide ongoing support
Participate in ongoing Family Group meetings
Complete Action Logs
Student orientation
2-day initial training
Follow-up training
Family Group Facilitator
Counselors, campus supervisors, teachers, parents, volunteers, college interns. Facilitate meetings of Family Groups, conducted on a regular basis at 1- or 2-week intervals.
One Family Group Facilitator may cover several different Family Groups
Adult orientation
2-day initial training
Follow-up training
Program Advisor
Understands positive youth development
Relates well to youth
Communicates well with peers and supervisors
Oversee the two aspects of the program:
   -Organizational, including funding and gaining school & community support
   -Operational, including recruiting, selecting, training, support, and follow-up
We strongly recommend that 2 different people serve as Co-Advisors. Experience has shown us that collegial support at the leadership level makes for a stronger program.
Adult orientation
2-day initial training
Follow-up training
Administrator in Charge
Oversees safety, discipline & student support services Oversee and advocate for the SSA program. Help Advisors integrate it into a comprehensive school safety plan
The Site Principal may serve as the AIC
Adult orientation
2-day initial training recommended highly

Site Principal - Supports AIC and PA in integrating SSA program into school system, operationally and culturally, with both students and staff. Recommend to attend adult orientation and 2-day initial training.


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