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About SSA: What Others Say

"IT WAS AWESOME!!! I was a bit skeptical about how the kids would react to the training but by the end I was quite surprised. Often times when adults are exposed to such wonderful programs we think they are great but unfortunately the kids often don't feel the same. However, by the end of the two day training I was able to see what an impact the training had on the kids. Many could see the value in what they had learned and are anxious to get back and start using their newly acquired skills. The other adults were equally impressed.... By the way, who said that teasing, bullying and name calling has to be part of the adolescent life? Thanks for giving us a way to change that!"

--Nancy Robert, Teacher, Berrendos MS, California


Student: Kendra Bechtel

Letter from Kendra Bechtel



Monroe Elementary School hosted a SSA training for 22 students and 5 adults.  According to Superintendent Shelly Manser, SSA is a definite must for her district.  “The Safe School Ambassador Program removes…obstacles by very carefully identifying and selecting socially influential “[student] opinion leaders” from the diverse cliques and groups at school. They are trained in non-violent intervention and communication skills to use among their peer group to prevent and stop cruelty,” explained Moser.

"The basic premise of the Safe Schools Ambassador program is absolutely brilliant...an engaging and empowering student leaders is so obvious, yet it took SSA to bring it all together. As a retired cop who has found a second career in education, I look at the classroom environment with different eyes...falling back to old habits, I always view things from a safety perspective first. The SSA Program fits with my cop prism, because it engages the community leaders as problem solvers.” - Marvin Reyes, Fresno Unified - Executive Director, Office of Safety and Security

“ Every district strives to provide  its   students with the best learning environment.  To this end, we need to insure that students are safe, secure,   and free from those who would cause them physical, mental and emotional harm.  That is why Fowler Unified is so attracted to the SSA program.  It will empower our students to serve as leaders in the effort to insure that all students feel valued and appreciated.” - Dr. John Cruz, Superintendent - Fowler Unified   School District

“ I believe that SSA will be effective here in   Selma   for many reasons!  It’s a vehicle to help reach the students who are not already “invested” in school to take pride and ownership of the climate here on campus.  All of our students will benefit when we come together as a safe, protective, learning environment.  I can’t wait to get started!” - Julie Toste, CAHSEE Intervention Counselor - Selma   High School

“A s Administrator of Student Services, I work with a variety of discipline situations that nowadays are often based upon the “relational aggression. ”  We have a bullying training every year for students; but, this  (SSA)   is an ongoing program that looks simple, offers strategies that students can remember and can use, and it empowers the students – particularly that second layer of less-involved students – to have a voice in their own safety and the safety of those they care about.” - Mary Ann Carousso - Student Services Administrator - Kings   Canyon   Unified

Safe Schools Manager: Lynn Garric

Letter from Lynn Garric


Director of Training, Department of Safe Schools: Rick Lewis

Letter from Rick Lewis

New phone number for Rick Lewis is: (561) 981-9607


"I know how to deal with difficult situations now. This program is great because it uses the most influential people in a student's life - their peers. It really works."

--Katie Barrett, Student, Rancho Cotate HS, California

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