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About SSA: Ambassadors' Impact

Every day, all across America, thousands of Safe School Ambassadors are taking courageous action, giving voice to their values, and making their schools safer places to be.

"Before, my friends, they just want to fight. Now, there's not so many fights."

--Elias Gallardo, Perris High School, CA

Interviews with Program Advisors and school administrators, and data from Ambassador Action Logs and Surveys, confirm that Ambassadors have:

  • Reached out to isolated students so they don't feel so alone
  • Offered support to peers who have been hurt, ridiculed or embarrassed in front of others
  • talked hot-headed friends out of fighting or retaliating
  • reported drug dealings, knives and guns on their campuses
  • prevented rapes, suicides, and gang fights

"The Ambassadors have already stopped or prevented many acts of violence on our campuses - from teasing and bullying to fights and drug deals. Site Administrators have told me many stories about incidents they didn't have to deal with because Ambassadors intervened early on."

--Dave Heard, Director of Safety and Security, Perris Union High School District, California

Every day, all across America, thousands of Safe School Ambassadors are breaking the cycle of Pain - Rage - Revenge. This example was recounted by the SSA Program Advisor at a school in Riverside County, California:

At lunch and after school, a group of boys regularly plays soccer. One team is Hispanic and the other is Caucasian. The games often produce arguments which can easily escalate into fights. When things get hot, the SSA on each team works with his teammates to cool things off, saying things like "Hey, we all just want to play soccer. If we fight, they won't let us play. Let's work this out" or "Just let it go, it's not worth fighting over."

When one Ambassador's teammates accusingly asked him "Hey, how come you always side with the whites?" (or vice versa), he responded with an exit strategy: "Hey, I'm not siding with anyone, I just want to play soccer."

And these individual actions have a measurable effect on school discipline data.

"Our Safe School Ambassadors were able to prevent many fights. Usually the number of suspensions goes up in the spring, but this spring suspensions were down 20%. That was mostly due to the Ambassador training in January."

--Barry Sullivan, Counselor, Elsie Allen High School, CA


"I told my step brother that he's a good reader and a great person, and that my mom is wrong."

--from an Ambassador's Action Log, Basalt Middle School, Basalt, Colorado

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