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About SSA: Examples

These examples have been gathered from hundreds of Action Logs and Year-End Surveys, as well as through dozens of conversations with school administrators, since October 2001.

As Told by Ambassadors

"I was just getting to school and some person was making fun of another person." Ambassador action: "I told the bully that it wasn't nice and you wouldn't like it if he did that to you. That was the end of it." - Windsor Middle School, CA

"A guy at school had been saying really obscene things to girls." Ambassador action: "I asked him how he would feel if someone said that to his mother or sister." - Santaluces High School, FL

"A person was slamming somebody against a locker." Ambassador action: "I separated them and said 'Does hurting him make you feel better?' He just looked at me and stopped." - Spring Valley Middle School, CA

"Two students were yelling at each other and started to look like they were going to fight." Ambassador action: "I pulled the one student aside and started up a conversation. That ended it." - Perris High School, CA

"My classmate was going to get into a fight." Ambassador action: "I asked him if it was really worth a suspension, and he stopped." - Eagles Landing Middle School, FL

"Someone was harassing my friend and my friend was doing his best to ignore that person but losing his patience." Ambassador action: "I told my friend that it wasn't worth fighting with the person because in the end nothing would be settled." - Santaluces High School, FL

"A friend told me he had tried to commit suicide. He told me online, he said he might try again and then he got off the internet." Ambassador action: "I called him and talked with him for an hour or so showing support and helping him. He got professional help." - Atlantic High School, FL

"We heard that someone might bring something to school to hurt somebody." Ambassador action: "We told the guidance counselor." - Polo Park Middle School, FL

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As Told By Adults

After a dispute between two racial gangs escalated into a "race riot" at one of our high schools, the District hired a professional gang mediator. A very influential Ambassador convinced key gang members to sit down at the table, and after participating in the sessions was the first to rise and sign the truce that had been hammered out; the truce has held for more than eight months. - Dave Heard, Director of Safety & Security - Perris Union High School District, CA

"Two Hispanic female Ambassadors reported to their advisor that two ninth grade Hispanic boys (recent immigrants) were talking and touching girls inappropriately. The advisor along with a bi-lingual counselor sat down with the boys and explained how that behavior is not appropriate in our culture. No incidents have occurred since." - Barry Sullivan, Program Advisor - Elsie Allen High School, CA

"A student brought a gun to school right before the holidays. Five freshmen were seen passing it around. Two ambassadors reported this to the office. The gun was confiscated before it could be used." - Karen Senier, Program Advisor - Sheridan High School, CO

After a murder in a nearby town, an Ambassador came forward to a school administrator with information that allowed the case to be solved. Bill Blackerby, Program Advisor - Santa Rosa High School, CA

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Additional Comments from Ambassadors

"I think that this is a great way to keep our school a safer place. Our students can now focus more on grades and schoolwork, rather than how people will make fun of them today, or who might try to hurt me physically or emotionally. It is such a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that you can help your school stay safe." - Glen Edwards Middle School, CA

"It kept me from getting in so much trouble." - Kenilworth Junior High School, CA

"Being a Safe School Ambassador has taught me to look past the little problems and also to not feel stupid in getting help." - Sheridan High School, CO

"I have a better feeling or "handle" on helping other people, my personality has brightened." - Altimira Middle School, CA

"I have gained great skills to help people, better attitude because you have to be good to be a good ambassador, and new friends because you get to meet new people." - Nelson Avenue Middle School, CA

"I think it is so great that ambassadors can really make such a difference on our campus. The meetings that we are having are so great. We can share ideas with one another and we don't have to be embarrassed." - Berrendos Middle School, CA

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Case Studies

Action Logs completed by Ambassadors show that they are intervening in incidents of mistreatment, and are doing so successfully. Summaries of case studies are shown below:

  • Santa Rosa Middle School, Santa Rosa, California - urban, ethnically diverse, grades 7-8; student population approximately 800. Ambassadors documented 178 interventions in the 62 school days between September 17 and December 17, 2004; 434 students were directly involved as targets or aggressors; an additional 683 students witnessed the interventions. Average effectiveness rating 3.75 out of 5.
  • Riverside Middle School, New Castle, Colorado - more rural, grades 5-8; student population approximately 400. Ambassadors documented 258 interventions in the 110 school days between November 14, 2003 and May 18, 2004; 850 students were directly involved as targets or aggressors (some obviously involved several times); additionally 626 students witnessed the interventions. Average effectiveness rating 3.86 out of 5.
  • Winter Springs High School, Winter Springs, Florida - suburban, grades 9-12, student population approximately 2700. Ambassadors documented 52 interventions in the 24 school days between April 12 and May 13, 2004; more than 168 students were directly involved as targets or aggressors; additionally more than 289 students witnessed the interventions. Average effectiveness 4.09 out of 5

Preliminary qualitative research appears to indicate that Action Logs represent only 10-20% of the interventions Ambassadors actually perform.

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