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About SSA: Cost Benefit Analysis

Suspension Cost Analysis PDF Document - Download a 1-page summary of the cost of suspensions, compared to the cost of the Safe School Ambassadors program

The Real Costs of Doing "Business as Usual"

To help us create a preliminary cost-benefit analysis for you, please supply the following information.

Privacy & Confidentiality: All information will be kept confidential, and will NOT be stated on your Cost Benefit Analysis. No information will be shared with any third parties.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Email Address:
How many students attend your school?
How many grades?
Average Daily Attendance:
Number of Detentions served in a typical month:
Number of In-School Suspensions in a typical month:
Number of Out-Of-School Suspensions in a typical month:
Number of Expulsions in the PAST 12 MONTHS:
Annual Salary of Building Principal:$
Annual Salary of Counselor (if there are several counselors with different salaries, pick the approximate average)$
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